The Team

Ben Pinniger – Company Founder

Ben studied fishery management at Sparsholt College.After graduating in 2011 with a passion for freshwater fishery management; he worked with fishery consultant Andrew Ellis to help promote the sustainable development of his client’s fisheries across the UK and Europe. Keen to start his own fisheries business Ben reclaimed several old disused ponds on the farm to become growing ponds and now stocks several thousand carp feeding them on his own formula of fish feed.

As the founder of BP Milling, Ben manages the production of all the feed, the on-site fish rearing and associated feed trials on the farm.With a lifetime’s experience of rearing animals, a National Diploma in Fishery Management and the extensive fishery experience gained from working with AE Fisheries, Ben has built a unique understanding of animal welfare with a particular interest in fish health and nutrition.

Andrew Ellis – AE Fisheries

With over 20 years of practical fishery experience, Andrew Ellis has been involved with the creation and on-going management of hundreds of fisheries and fish farms all over the UK and abroad, offering independent advice and services.He’s passionate about what he does and has earned an excellent reputation with his clients.

Andrew has always stood by the fact that fish don’t need to be fed on expensive, high protein feeds, and has therefore been behind BP Milling from day 1. With joint feed trials and development on his own fisheries and fish farm ponds, coupled with the support from his clients, BP Milling wouldn’t be where it is today without AE Fisheries being behind it!

Keith Thomas – Nutritional Consultant

Keith has worked with livestock businesses, as an Agricultural Nutritional Consultant, for over 25 years.

One of his many areas of expertise is analysis of feed presentation, digestion and excretion, building his reputation as a widely respected Consultant and Nutritionist. Applying his detailed understanding to the formulation of our fish feeds ensures we are producing a product that clients can put their trust in.

Keith’s in-depth knowledge of animal nutrition and digestion was the first port of call during our feed development.  Using his expert guidance, we were able to formulate fish diets exactly how we wanted them. We keep in close correspondence with Keith during feed trials, reviewing trial progress and making appropriate changes until we reach a final product.