25kg 12mm SmartMix + 5 litres Natrepel

Our pre-baiting combo for those anglers wanting to establish a feeding area to present a rig. 

SmartMix is rapidly dispersed into the substrate to create a nutritious carpet of food particles that leak attraction into the lake bed.

Benefits of SmartMix:

- Diving birds don't get much reward for their efforts.

- Attractants and appetite stimulants linger in the swim for days.

- Fish are encouraged to graze the area, polishing an area ready for your traps.

- All species are attracted to SmartMix which creates a very active area that encourages curiosity from your target species.

Just coat your smartmix pellets generously in natrepel and allow them to absorb the appetite stimulating oil which will leak off the spot and create a surface slick in your swim. Applied regularly in the same area will help fish recognise the garlic characteristics of SmartMix and Natrepel as a safe food source to feed on, so get your G-Force boosted hookbait in the zone and sit back with confidence.