Soya Oil (5 litre bottle)


An effective addition to our cold pressed pellet feeds as a soak, to protect the pellet from the water once submerged, lengthening the breakdown period by 2 or 3 times.

Soya oil is a sustainable source of slow releasing energy rich in omega-6 fatty acids, containing natural antioxidants which help to prevent feed rancidity.

Whilst the natural fast breakdown properties of our pellets are formulated to aid feed digestion, in some scenarios it can be beneficial to extend the breakdown period:
- First time users (when the fish are not yet familiar with a regular free feed)
- Low stocking densities (where fish may take longer to find the feed)

When the fish become familiar with a regular feed and are feeding competitively within minutes of application, soaking pellets is no longer necessary and the benefits of the fast breakdown become an advantage.

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