Latest Video - How do we get such good growth without using fishmeal

Follow the link to see Bens views on growing carp with cereals, why and how we get the amazing results that we do! Let us know what you think!

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Stock progress at BP Milling

About this time of year I want to know how the fish are progressing so that I can calculate their feed ration reasonably accurately and ensure the batch have progressed as i’d hoped they would. So with a light rod and line I can get a closer look at one or two as a sample, then work off those weights to estimate the current biomass of the pools. There are worse jobs!
Looks like last years C3 fish are already at the weights i’d hope them to be at harvest! Pictured in December around 5-6lb, this fish is 12lb today... Happy days! Plenty of opportunity for more growth ahead as we tuck into August!
BP GOLD is the one for healthy progression and longevity!

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Competition Entries

We recently ran a transformation competition on our social media pages, our customers entered their best fish transformation pictures and we picked our favourite pictures which best demonstrate the impact of our feeds on the progression of the stock. 

We narrowed the all the entries down to 3 and let our follows vote on their favourite. 

Coming in first place was Simpson Valley Fishery who won themselves 500kg of our prototype feed that is yet to be released, their entry was an old linear which has transformed into a beast with beauty! Check it out...

Coming in a close 2nd place was Carpenters Syndicate with their entry of one of the mirrors which was stocked at 1lb, some of the fish from this initial stocking are nudging 40lb now! A small amount of our feed keeps these fish feeding and growing, and some fish in this venue go 3 or 4 years without capture! Exciting!

Coming in third place was a late entry from Park Fisheries who posted this lovely common that has clearly been on the feed! Lewis also added “2nd season of supplementary feeding the gold. Just one of the many stories for us” 

We also had plenty of other great entries which will be posted on a social media over the coming weeks, so make sure you're following out Facebook and Instagram page!

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Lake record for Scottish Reservoir

When new customers come to us wanting to see more progress in their stock, it's great to hear back from them after they've followed the advice given. Eliburn Reservoir came to us wanting more from their stock as the growth rates were slow, then 12 months later they have their new lake record which has clearly been given a boost! 

Here's what Jason from Eliburn Reservoir had to say:

"'Colin’ the common. (Our biggest fish)
Stocked at 18lb in 2016 into our 2 acre Scottish park water Eliburn Reservoir.
Up to 15th May 2019 Colin had put on 4lb 3oz (22lb 3oz).

We started feeding BP milling from the 14th May 2019 and Colin was caught for first time in 12 months at 25lb 12oz!

4 years no BP Milling = + 4lb 3oz
12 months feeding BP Milling = + 3lb 9oz

It’s not just the weight gain of Colin where we are noticing a difference off the feed, the Tench are growing at such a rate and the quality of all our fish is amazing!

Thank you Ben for your endless advice and support. Our club can’t speak any higher of your feed and fully recommend it to everyone."

Great work!


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Carpenters Lake Syndicate record smashed

Neil has supported BP Milling from day 1, his lake is one of them waters that just keeps on throwing up surprises. Despite the size of the water, fish seem to disappear for years at a time, 4 years without capture is not uncommon! So you can imagine just how Neil must feel when his phone rings and a member has one in the net! 

AE Fisheries take care of the silver fish population every couple of years, and Neil keeps a small amount of our feed going in throughout the year, and we all know how succesful this combination is.

Neil has a great collection of photos from the original stocking of his lake in 2006, and captures since, now just check out the progress of this one that broke the lake record this week at 38lb! WOW!



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First time user feedback from Lac Soupir

Lots of great work going on at Lac Soupir by new owner Aaron who is keen to take the venue to new levels. John Flewin of 'Tales Media' is a close friend of ours at BP Milling, John introduced Aaron to our products in the Spring.

Aaron was looking for a supplementary feed to encourage the old stock at Lac Soupir to feed and graze the substrate regularly so that they progress into beastly proportions for years to come. After a few conversations with Aaron we had his first order of BP GOLD shipped to him. After just a few weeks this is what Aaron had to say...

“Since being introduced to Ben at Bp milling, the knowledge of Ben and this company is outstanding!! After placing my first order not only was it a great price and delivery service but the quality of the product is fantastic I’ve started feeding my lakes and I can happily say the fish are already on the pellet, not only feeding but polishing spots, they can’t get enough of it!! In my opinion this the future of feeding and moving forward. I personally will not go anywhere else, the fishes reaction to this feed is truly incredible” Aaron Townsend, Lac Soupir



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Covid 19 update

Bp Milling will continue production during the lockdown period to fulfil fish feed requirements whilst fisheries are closed to anglers. We want to share with you how seriously we're taking the pandemic and the precautions we will be taking to operate responsibly during this time:

- The BP Milling premises will be managed and operated by Ben who is living on the premises and will be the only working member of staff during the period. Ben is following government advice with a special focus on personal hygiene to ensure production can continue safely as normal.

- BP Milling is sited with access only via a half-mile private drive in a rural setting, the building is a private stand-alone unit which is not accessible to public. 

- Cash or cheque will not be accepted as payment to prevent handling of potential contaminants during this time.

- Large material orders will be placed and order collections will be made less frequently to minimise lorries visiting the site.

- There will be no site visits from contractors or collections from customers during the lockdown period, access to the site only by authorised suppliers and Ben.

- Materials are delivered by rigid lorries that will be tipping materials on site, vehicle operators are taking preventative measures of their own whilst on site.

- Materials are then handled mechanically through the plant and only handled onto pallets by Ben, where protective equipment will be worn.

- Feed deliveries will be made by third party haulage companies who are operating responsibly and following their own preventative measures during this time.

We're happy that we're in a unique position that allows us to continue production as normal, albeit following these strict measures. Should we have any concerns about the health of anybody on site, then we will update you and operations will seize immediately. We hope that you and your families remain in good health during this period and we pray for a speedy passing of this awful pandemic, trusting that you're doing your bit to stay safe and prevent this virus from spreading.

Best wishes,

BP Milling

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Kingsbury Waterpark growth reports

Team AE Fisheries have been involved with developing the angling at Kingsbury Waterpark over the past few winters, moving fish from some of the boating pools into the lakes which allow fishing so that the fishery management can be focused on a few of the more suited pools rather than spreading themselves too thin accross the park.

As well as utilising the fish available accross the park, there has been some great stock ponds developed for rearing fish for the future.

Our feeds have played a role in both the stock ponds and the fishing lakes, and the growth reports have been just as great as we had expected!

Some of the fish from the stock ponds reached 3lb before being introduced into the lakes around the park and are now being caught as double figure fish.

More recently a fish was reported which was moved from one of the boating lakes at 14lb, this fish was looking rather ropey and a little short and stumpy, but since being introduced into one of the main fishing lakes and introducing a supplementary feeding programme, this fish has filled our beautifully and weighing a healthy 20lb+.

Brilliant work by all involved! 

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Great progress at Lake Fisheries with BP Milling

"I'm less than 5 years in to sustainable Aquafeed for my lake, originally stocked with fingerlings and it has now just produced a fish just under 18lb, I couldn't be more pleased with their food well done too BP Milling.
many Thanks

Always hugely rewarding starting with young fish and watching them mature, feeding has a huge role to play and I'm glad Neil is pleased with his progress so far! Check out the Testimonials page for feedback from lots of other fisheries supplied by us!

Click here for testimonials page.

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BP Milling on Carp Radio

This week I met with Miles at 'Horseshoe Lake' home of 'The Carp Society' where miles recorded our discussion about the business to feature on the popular 'Carp Radio' podcast. This will be available to listen to for free online from 7pm on the 11th October at 

Check it out!


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