BP GOLD- High Protein Grower Pellet


(36% Protein 6% Oil)


Wheat, Rapemeal, Soya, Prairie meal, Wheat Distillers, Fieldbeans, Soya oil and evaporated syrups. 

BP GOLD is our premium grower formulation, built on the success of our flagship "Cereal Supplement" pellet. With the addition of a high quality vegetable protein, balancing the amino acid profile to suit the nutritional requirements of growing Carp. With protein sitting at 36% and 6% oil, BP Gold is a highly palatable, high energy feed made from sustainable home-grown ingredients. Perfectly suited to feeding to all Cyprinid species where growth is the main objective.

The blend is treated with steam to gelatanise the starches and open up the mix before blending our evaporated syrups through the mix to enhance palatability and digestibility. The steam and syrups are absorbed by the cereals before being pressed into pellet form and cooled. Once cooled the finished pellets are put through a fat treatment process, which involves a coating of soya oil to give the pellets a dark finish. The fat boost helps put the condition back on the fish post-spawning, and a critical source of energy for the warmer months of the year when fish are more active and their digestion efficiency is working much more effectively yielding a faster growth response.

Outstanding results in our ponds and record breaking weight gains recorded amongst clients, “BP Gold” is sure to become the grower feed of choice by fish farmers and fishery managers up and down the country.


UK mainland Delivery is charged at per pallet inclusive of VAT, with a max load of 1000kg/pallet. All pellets are made to order and shipped on a next day delivery once the feed is milled and despatched from our Wiltshire base. However, special delivery instructions can be made on a pre-arranged delivery date to suit you.

The feed will arrive shrink wrapped to a pallet on a curtain side lorry, equipped with a tail lift capable of offloading your pallet onto hard standing. 


Our feeds are formulated from natural ingredients without any inclusion of mould inhibiting chemicals or preservatives, so correct storage of the feed is crucial. Shrink wrap packaging should be removed as soon as you receive your order and feed stored indoors away from moisture and humidity.

The feed will keep for well in excess of 6 months in a dry, well ventilated environment and away from direct sunlight, but if you have any storage concerns then contact us at info@bpmilling.co.uk for advice.

"When Ben came to us with the new BP gold with the higher protein content we decided to trial it in some of the stock ponds on the fish farm and after our first summer of using the new pellet we have seen some incredible growth rates and will now be using it in all the stock ponds in the main period of the growing season." -Andy Machin, Cotswold Lake Supplies Ltd.

“Keep up the good work Ben my carp love the pellets within 5 to 10 minutes of the pellets going in they are on it most of the fish are doing 9 to 10lbs in a year it speaks for it self” - Tony Humphrey


"Have to say as well that water quality and dissolved oxygen levels are perfect using the BP Gold pellet which is priceless at this time of year." - Gary Baker


"Thanks for another delivery of the BP Gold, just wanted to let you know that our fish are thriving on it! We feed twice a week, 65kgs at a time with around a third of it liberally coated in the Natrapel, when we go out in the boat to feed again, the carp have cleared the areas fed of weed and silt right down to hard gravel , areas the size of a large golfing umbrella, they clearly love it!" - Steve Cream


"They’re absolutely loving it. I’ve pushed to 4% the last few days. Monitoring water quality closely. I don’t think they’ve left the spot." - Charlie Dolphin

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