Micronized Maize

Widely used as a fish feed supplement across the continent to some of the biggest carp in the world! Often used to bulk out a pelleted feed ration, adding a visual element to stimulate fish into feeding.

Our maize goes through a micronising process prior to rolling to improve the digestibility of the grain. The grains can be fed dry (as supplied) or can be soaked to add weight making feed application much easier.

Ideal for feeding below 10 degrees water temperature when fish lose sensory sensitivity. These large grains are thought to improve digestion efficiency by slowing the meal through the intestine so that the enzymes in the gut have more time to extract nutrient. 

An affordable feed alternative widely used across the continent, the diet of some of the biggest carp in Europe.

Approximate values

Protein: 9%

Oil: 3


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Type: Feed

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
adrian rowlands

I mixed my feeds up with others to give a good blend. BP will always be in my feed blend.
Big Adie

Peter Clayton

A good value for money product

Andy Dare
Good product

I use it to bulk my feed out when the stock ponds are on full throttle, pre soak makes it easier to feed

henry Wadsworth H's lake
Healthy option

Am mixing maize with standard cereal during winter months, fish are looking healthy and are keeping their weight up.

Matthew adamson

Was spot on that , thank-you I obviously expected the delays on such an order over Xmas, thank-you for the couple of free sacks and I look forward to feeding the fish
Many thanks Matthew