Micronized Maize

The maize goes through a cooking process prior to rolling to improve the digestibilty of the grain. The grains can be fed dry (as supplied) or can be soaked to add weight making feed application much easier.

Flaked maize is a fantastic fish feed supplement particularly in the winter when they can't utilise a high level of protein. Or included in your summer feed ration in the warmer months to improve digestion efficiency, the large flaked particles will slow the meal through the intestine so that the enzymes in the gut have more time to breakdown the meal. Flaked maize will stand out over any substrate, and coupled with the nutty taste, fish go mad for it! 

An affordable feed alternative widely used across the continent, the diet of some of the biggest carp in Europe.

Approximate values

Protein: 9%

Oil: 3


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Type: Feed