Kingsbury Waterpark growth reports

Team AE Fisheries have been involved with developing the angling at Kingsbury Waterpark over the past few winters, moving fish from some of the boating pools into the lakes which allow fishing so that the fishery management can be focused on a few of the more suited pools rather than spreading themselves too thin accross the park.

As well as utilising the fish available accross the park, there has been some great stock ponds developed for rearing fish for the future.

Our feeds have played a role in both the stock ponds and the fishing lakes, and the growth reports have been just as great as we had expected!

Some of the fish from the stock ponds reached 3lb before being introduced into the lakes around the park and are now being caught as double figure fish.

More recently a fish was reported which was moved from one of the boating lakes at 14lb, this fish was looking rather ropey and a little short and stumpy, but since being introduced into one of the main fishing lakes and introducing a supplementary feeding programme, this fish has filled our beautifully and weighing a healthy 20lb+.

Brilliant work by all involved! 

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Great progress at Lake Fisheries with BP Milling

"I'm less than 5 years in to sustainable Aquafeed for my lake, originally stocked with fingerlings and it has now just produced a fish just under 18lb, I couldn't be more pleased with their food well done too BP Milling.
many Thanks

Always hugely rewarding starting with young fish and watching them mature, feeding has a huge role to play and I'm glad Neil is pleased with his progress so far! Check out the Testimonials page for feedback from lots of other fisheries supplied by us!

Click here for testimonials page.

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BP Milling on Carp Radio

This week I met with Miles at 'Horseshoe Lake' home of 'The Carp Society' where miles recorded our discussion about the business to feature on the popular 'Carp Radio' podcast. This will be available to listen to for free online from 7pm on the 11th October at 

Check it out!


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Sample netting the stock ponds


Take a look at how our fish are looking on their BP Milling diet.

We recently ran some nets through a couple of ponds to monitor fry recruitment within the ponds and to check the progress of the fish. We filmed the day so we can show you what our cereal-fed carp look like, and that video can be found on our youtube channel and social media (see links below). Hopefully the weather willbe good to us into september and we might even get some more growth on these fish before the winter!

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Early Carp growth at BP Milling, a great start to the growing season!

You know it’s going to be a good summer when they’ve tripled in weight from being a 1lb C2 in feb!
Yesterday I gave in to the temptation of taking a float rod out to see if the fish are progressing as i had expected.
It's still early June so we have a full growing season ahead yet. Plenty of time to double in size again! All thanks to their diet of BP GOLD!
I’m 110% convinced that we make the most cost effective and sustainable feeds to safely grow fish outdoors! I’m entirely absorbed by it! Just watch what can be achieved with our cereal formulations, by the end of the year we will have some serious fish transformations to show you!

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Lac Du Coron gains with BP GOLD


Our feeds are gaining popularity overseas with more and more fish transformations being sent in from customers using our cereal pellets. Nic at Lac Du Coron has recently been in touch to report the following...

“Hi Ben, thought I'd drop you a line, one because of how pleased I am and two because I thought you'd find it interesting.

We started feeding your gold pellet into both our lakes and both stock ponds in late March and I am blown away by the results im achieving.

1st things 1st the fish actually seem to want it, a problem I've always found before when feeding fishmeal alternatives.

Secondly the growth rates we are getting are awesome, especially in Lac Solace where the average weight gain since December is a little over 5lbs, unbelievable when you consider the time of year. The 2 images attached emphasize this. Me stocking it in in December, and it's 1st apparence on the bank in mid April, nearly 8lbs growth, hard to believe, but true.

The lake is seriously packed with naturals and I also feed maize and boilie, but the bulk is your pellet and I can say with confidence I wouldn't be getting these results without the BP Gold.

Both stock ponds are also showing solid growth and condition.

And finally, the impact, or lack of impact on the water quality, especially important in our small shallow stock ponds.

Keep up the good work, I'll be ordering another ton soon. Nic”


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French venue 'Fishermans Retreat' seeing great results with BP Milling

An honest feed review from french fishery 'Fishermans Retreat'
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Ratfyn and Watergate Farm Fisheries carp progress

25lb to 29lb 6oz for Wiltshire fishery supplied by BP Milling
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BP Milling stock fish growing well

2017/18 C2 to C3 transformations after another year being fed a diet of BP Milling
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Feeding paying off for Norfolk Syndicate

I have recently heard from a fishery in Norfolk who I have been supplying since I first started BP Milling, and the stock have been given a new lease of life with a little supplementary feeding. 

Chris and Jane invested in their new fishery about 5 years ago, the resident fish were ancient and dropping in weight, looking rather sorry for themselves. Chris and Jane have plenty of experience in running a fishery as well as a background in livestock farming, so when we suggested supplementary feeding the lakes, it made perfect sense to them.

Chris initially commented on how feeding a low stock carp fishery (which is tricky fishing at the best of times) seemed like a waste of feed, but he persisted and the changes were quick to materialise.

Heres what Chris sent me this morning:

"Hi Ben,
Thought you might like this one. It was 20.12 in March 2016, then 28.02 in Oct 2017 and is now 31.02.
They have certainly packing it on.I now have had 4 carp over 30lbs caught in the last few weeks.
Feed paying dividends.

2016 20lb2018 31lb+

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