Standard Supplement Pellet

BP Milling

Standard Supplement Pellet

(25% Protein, 3% Oil)

Our cereal supplement is a dedicated supplementary feed for fisheries. An affordable, digestible and a healthy alternative feed supplement for fish. Formulated from a finely ground blend of Wheat, Rapemeal, Soya and Wheat Distillers which is steam cooked prior to pelleting to enhance the digestibility of the grains. A simple and cost effective food source without any inclusion of meat proteins or marine oils, all clean and sustainable British ingredients that we have proven to have minimal impact on water quality.

The Cereal supplement pellet is a high energy diet to ensure that protein is not burnt as an energy source, which keeps ammonia pollution to a minimum and maximises protein availability for tissue repair and growth. 

A sensible protein level, safe to feed all year round, with the peace of mind that any wastage is completely organic, harmless for water quality compared to oily fishmeal feeds.

Breakdown Times

With the new pelleting processes installed for 2019, the binding of the pellet is vastly improved as the naturally high starch values of the cereals are utilised during the cooking process and naturally bind the pellet when pressed. So the new breakdown times of the pellet are extended, although they begin to breakdown after a few minutes, full breakdown will take up to 4 hours with a 12mm pellet and up to 3 hours for a 6mm pellet.


UK mainland Delivery is charged at £50/pallet including VAT, with a max load of 1000kg/pallet. Feed is made to order and shipped on a next day delivery once the feed is milled and despatched from our Wiltshire base. However special delivery instructions can be made on a pre-arranged delivery date to suit you.

The feed will arrive shrink wrapped to a pallet on a curtain side lorry with the a tail lift capable of offloading the pallet onto hard standing. 

We also regularly ship overseas, so please contact us for our european shipping prices. 


Our feeds are formulated from natural ingredients without any inclusion of mould inhibiting chemicals or preservatives, so correct storage of the feed is crucial. Shrink wrap packaging should be removed as soon as you receive your order and feed stored indoors away from moisture and humidity.

The feed will keep for well in excess of 6 months in a dry, well ventilated environment and away from direct sunlight, but if you have any storage concerns then contact us at for advise.


“Since receiving our order from BP Milling I have been very impressed with the feed. The carp have been eating the pellet straight away and it can be fed without the usual worries of wastage, it has good ingredients and breakdown rates which mean I have had peace of mind feeding regularly." - Dan Cook, Richmoor Lake (Syndicate)

"This stuff works guys, if you are not feeding it you should! Since we started feeding our waters the growth rate has increased massively, with our larger fish that have been stuck for years finally putting weight on. Also the mortality has dropped massively!!!! Not just carp that benefit, our tench have also, with lake pb being broken across all of our waters last year!

A fish known as dolphin has been stuck around the 20lbs mark for years, since feeding started a little over a year ago dolphin has now gone 23.8. Credit to Ben for producing the feed, working wonders for us. Anyone not taking simple advice for BP and AE should be, as it works!" - Ben Leeming, Earl of Harrington AC

“Since being introduced to Ben at Bp milling, the knowledge of Ben and this company is outstanding!! After placing my first order not only was it a great price and delivery service but the quality of the product is fantastic I’ve started feeding my lakes and I can happily say the fish are already on the pellet, not only feeding but polishing spots, they can’t get enough of it!! In my opinion this the future of feeding and moving forward I personally will not go anywhere else the fish reaction to this feed is truly incredible” - Aaron Townsend, Lac Soupir

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