Standard Supplement Pellet - Low protein food source

Standard Supplement Pellet

(25% Protein, 3% Oil)

Our cereal supplement is a dedicated supplementary feed for fisheries. An affordable, digestible and a healthy alternative feed supplement for fish. Formulated from a finely ground blend of Wheat, Rapemeal, Soya and Wheat Distillers which is steam cooked prior to pelleting to enhance the digestibility of the grains. A simple and cost effective food source without any inclusion of meat proteins or marine oils, all clean and sustainable British ingredients that we have proven to have minimal impact on water quality.

A sensible protein level, safe to feed all year round, with the peace of mind that any wastage is completely organic, harmless for water quality compared to oily fishmeal feeds.


UK mainland Delivery is charged per palletwith a max load of 1000kg/pallet. The pellets are made to order and shipped on a next day delivery once the feed is milled and despatched from our Wiltshire base. However special delivery instructions can be made on a pre-arranged delivery date to suit you.

The feed will arrive shrink wrapped to a pallet on a curtain side lorry with the a tail lift capable of offloading the pallet onto hard standing. 


Our feeds are formulated from natural ingredients without any inclusion of mould inhibiting chemicals or preservatives, so correct storage of the feed is crucial. Shrink wrap packaging should be removed as soon as you receive your order and feed stored indoors away from moisture and humidity.

The feed will keep for well in excess of 6 months in a dry, well ventilated environment and away from direct sunlight, but if you have any storage concerns then contact us at for advice


Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Tom Greaves
Great pellet

Been using the low oil pellet this winter to help keep the fish active and feeding. It’s definitely helped with carp still coming out when usually it’s very hard during the colder months on this lake. Easy to order, at a reasonable price and offer great advice too.

Simon Hoare

Hi Ben. We had an issue with the pallet. It was fully slatted top and bottom meaning we couldnt lift it with the trolley so had to handball it all off.
Product, great as always.

Hi Simon, sorry about this! If the white branded BP Milling wrap was on the pallet then it would have been our error. I’ve got Ian helping me now, so he might have re-used a double cladded pallet from inbound deliveries, i’ll mention it to him Monday to make sure he knows that’s a no no. If it wasn’t our shrink wrapping, then that would mean that it may have been re-packaged by the haulage network for whatever reason. Give me a nudge when you’re ready to re-order and i’ll put this error straight for you.

Ashley jenkins

Hi ben, everything is spot on i must say you dont need to do anything better just keep up the good work

David Pollard
Great service

I ordered 1 sack of the low oil feed. Delivered promptly and very well wrapped. Thanks for the great service.

First try with these and impressed

I am fisheries officer for a fishing club and we have been using Skretting pellets as supplementary feed, this year we are trying the BP milling pellets and I'm impressed! They break down very quickly but being made of course grains means there is lots for all sizes of fish to eat. I also like the fact they are better for fish and lake health, and being made here it's always good to support a British company.
Will be ordering 1000kg in a few weeks for our close season feeding.

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