Fish Supply

As well as producing hundreds of tonnes of fish feed every year, we also have growing ponds which we use for our feed development. Every winter we have a surplus of fish which we supply to a number of our clients. 

All of our fish are left to spawn naturally outdoors without any artificial interference. We then crop the best of the offspring from each pond to grow-on in our prepared outdoor pools. Fish of all sizes are fed on our own feeds and have performed exceptionally well when they leave the farm in the past.

We don't have to rely on making a living from selling fish, so we are not a massive intensive fish farm, therefore we can give each pond much more attention and focus on the finer details to produce a consistent batch of healthy, handsome and fast growing fish.

On delivery day, you will receive your fish in fantastic condition, with a valid health check. For carp availability or other species, please contact us now

Carp prices guide:

C1 (2"-4") - £1 each 

C2 (5"-1lb) - £4.50 each

C3 (2lb-4lb) - £8/lb

C4 (8lb-13lb) - £14/lb

C5 (13lb-18lb) - £20/lb