• Natural parasite repelling properties
  • Increases appetite and feed intake
  • Natural feed stimulant

Natrepel is a natural oil-based remedy that repels skin parasites and relieves skin irritation whilst increasing fish appetite and feed intake. Simply dose your feed ration with 20ml/kg and leave to absorb overnight.

Liquid extracts and oils derived from garlic go through a 14-day blending process to create Natrepel. The smooth oil based liquid carries the potent garlic character into dry feeds or angling baits (Natrepel is PVA friendly).

The repellant properties of sulphur containing compounds naturally found in these garlic fractions are diffused through the skin of the fish and into the mucus membranes, intolerable for external parasites.

Reduce stress, maximise fish condition and growth by coating your feed ration in Natrepel.

Comes supplied with swan neck pump which will dispense approximately 30ml with every compression.
Recommended dosage: 20ml per kg of fish feed

Collections: Natrepel Liquid

Type: Feed

Customer Reviews

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Nick Thompson
Recent order

Very pleased with the products as normal. Definitely on board with Bp millings line of thought on feeding and lake management 👍

Pete Jones

Mate I use this product to coat your pellet.
We have a nasty parrasite ardoulus mongolianus it kills fish by attacking the gills and throat ,the natrapel has got it under control now and we have only lost a handful of fish since July it's amazing stuff and when you feed it the fish are straight on it.

Dave Cantwell

Hi Ben
I’ve not tried it yet but I will be out Saturday I’m currently soaking some pellets as we speak then I’m bagging them in mesh bags. The lake I’m trying them on is quite a tough lake so fingers crossed 🤞🏻

neal rice

Havent used it yet will wait till i have some pellets

Darren Lake
Quality Liquid

Recently started adding Natrepel to my particle bait and solid bags and been getting some great results 👍🏽

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