SmartMix Session Pack

The session pack comes with all that you will need to get those fish feeding once you've found them! 

  • 1 x 4.5kg SmartMix feed pellets
  • 1 x 8mm SmartMix G-Force boosted dumbell hookbaits
  • 1 x 500ml Natrepel 
  • 1 x BP Milling angler T-shirt

Anti-blank instructions:

Step 1: Empty the SmartMix feed pellets into a bucket or baitbox the night before your session, and coat them in the Natrepel. Allow them to absorb the feed stimulating oil overnight. 

Step 2: When you get to your chosen venue, don't start fishing until you've found some fish! Keep quiet and don't rush... you're hunting!

Step 3: Now you've found some fish, introduce a small amount of your SmartMix feed pellets whilst you quietly set up away from the waters edge. Let the fish gain confidence in feeding...

Step 4: Hair rig or bait band a Smartmix dumbell hookbait and quietly position it over the feed pellets. You're fishing! Keep them feeding confidently with regular baiting!

Step 5: Send us your results via email (, use hashtag #bpmilling on instagram or @bpmilling on facebook to get yourself recognised if you would like to be considered to join our growing team of SmartMix team members that benefit from discounts, new product opportunities, exclusive angling opportunities and more!

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