Our aim

We aim to share our knowledge on livestock welfare and nutrition, introducing our expertise into the fishery industry to help fishery managers realise the potential of their livestock and the positive impact on the performance of their business.

Build Value

Investing in the health of your valuable livestock is a crucial part to protecting the future of your fishery. By using our feeds we seek to ensure that your stock achieve healthy weight gains year on year to increase their value, attract more anglers and maintain ticket price.

We aim to encourage high stock commercial match fisheries to use a calculated feeding programme to improve and maintain consistent match weights. We believe feeding is an essential part to the successful running of high biomass match fisheries and can help to:

  • Reducing fish stress
  • Encourage regular feeding activity
  • Improve recovery times
  • Improve fish health

Safe to feed

Our feeds are formulated to avoid the typical issues associated with high oil, high protein, fishmeal feeds. Using cereals and sensible protein levels ensure that the organic breakdown of our formulas have minimal impact on water quality.


We understand that feeding your livestock needs to be cost efficient. We aim to produce affordable feeds by using the cereals harvested from our own farm, thus cutting out the middle men and by supplying in bulk.