12mm SmartMix Hookbaits

12mm Dumbell wafters, pop-ups, bottom baits and mini match hookbaits

 We've had these 12mm dumbell pop-up, wafter and bottom hookbaits made to imitate the 12mm SmartMix feed pellets, we've pre-boosted each pot with the potent G-Force to really make them stand out over the softer food signals of the feed pellets but with a neutral colour that will doesn't alert those wary ones!

 Our mini hook-baits have racked up countless successful short sessions for the delicate opportunistic angler. Perfect size for a pellet band and now durable enough to delicately put on the hair, fantastic for stalking quietly or match fishing over pellet.

Customer Reviews

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David Hooper
Fishing with SmartMix wafters

I bought the SmartMix wafters because my fishing club buys BP Gold 12mm pellet in bulk to feed the fish so I thought it would be logical to use the Smart mix bait from the same company.
I had already bought a 25 kilo sack of pellet from the club and ground some of it using my Ridge monkey crusher and made up some large pva bags using a 50/50 mix of crushed and whole pellets.
I did a short day session on the lake on Monday to test the wafters and was rewarded with 7 carp from 12lb to 20lb plus a couple of bonus tench just under 5lb.
I had the first fish within half an hour of casting in!
I am very pleased with the SmartMix wafters and will most definitely be back for more .
I am extremely impressed 👍.

Mark Collins
Smart mix hook baits

These wafters sink on the weight of the hook making it super sensitive and they complement the smart mix pellets

Pete Jones
12mm hook baits

Haven't tried them yet mate ,they smell amazing.cant wait to try them

neal rice

Top quality pellets and service

Kevin Parker
Great product

I was up against it weather was cold tried various hook Bait’s with no luck changed over to the 12mm smart mix hook-baits and had 2 fish it worked for me 🎣