4.5kg pellets (supplied with 100ml Natrepel)

AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT APPLIED AT CHECKOUT WHEN YOU BUY 4, YOU'LL ONLY PAY FOR 3! (You'll also get 500ml of Natrepel instead of 4 x 100ml bottles)

A highly nutritious and unique blend of advanced aquafeed ingredients, packed with immune-boosting soluble yeast extracts and milk proteins. 
Expect a hit of creamy garlic yeast that’s completely unique to SmartMix. Light in colour at first sight, but coat with the Natrepel oil to send them a dark brown colour and allow the pellets to absorb, the longer you leave to soak, the slower the leakage.
A sustainable feed bait formulated from fishmeal alternatives. Our most advanced and potent formula that promotes good fish health and immunity, whilst stimulating positive feeding behaviour.
No artificial flavours, preservatives or mould inhibiting chemicals. Simply cooked and dried, keep dry to maintain freshness and treat to a dose of Natrepel prior to your session.

Soluble Aquafeed Yeasts, refined milk powders, garlic, salts and cereals.

Our advanced yeast extract is processed in a way that separates and concentrates the most stimulating fractions for cold blooded fish species.
A rich protein source made up of bioavailable essential amino acids. Particularly rich in glutamic acid, which is extremely palatable to cyprinid species. Its rich nutrient profile boasts natural immune boosting powers, supporting digestion and stimulating appetite.

Purely refined milks undiluted by additives or bulking agents used in pre-mixed milk powder blends. We just use the milk fractions that are best detected by cyprinids.


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Alfred Canning

Great service and the products of smart mix are the best pellets and hook bait I’ve ever used the carp love them

Jeff Barker
Smart mix

Package arrived within a few days and was very well wrapped. The natrepel liquid smells amazing. Not yet tried but can't wait to use on my new syndicate lake.

Stuart colley
Bp milling pellets

Excellent service and delivery pellets fresh, smart mix Ideal for bag work, natrapel as always Spot on well done Ben

lawrence craig

hi Ben hope you're order came very quick this time ..regarding the pellet and natrapel , I've been fishing my club specimen lake for about 7 years and only managed a dozen or so fish..had a couple of short trips over the last couple of weeks and nicked 4 out (happy days)I would like to think it was down to your products so I'll keep at it and keep you posted

neal rice
Smart mix

6 big carp out of a notoriously hard lake and put it all down to the smart mix cant wait to use it in france later this year


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