G-Force Hookbait Boost

Extremely potent natural feed stimulant from the purest concentrated extract of garlic.

Rare as hens teeth, but we've managed to secure this diamond through trusted contacts that we've made through the SmartMix project.

Once G-force touches those hookbaits, they're not losing that garlic character no matter how long they're left in the water! 

G-Force is not an artificial flavour, it's a highly concentrated garlic extract naturally rich in Allicin bottled into a 30ml bottle. This natural liquid fraction is only going to improve your angling results! Just a light coating is enough, so 1 bottle will coat a lot of hookbaits!

"Got out with the smart mix and g force for the first time this weekend...tricky old lake but had a bite within 20 mins !! G force soaked plastic corn over the top(same hookbaits all weekend) and it still stunk the next morning when I brought it in..managed 3 in the end" - Ben Honeywell

"G force is going take something really special to beat it" - Jamie D

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