Feeding paying off for Norfolk Syndicate

October 15, 2018 0 Comments

I have recently heard from a fishery in Norfolk who I have been supplying since I first started BP Milling, and the stock have been given a new lease of life with a little supplementary feeding. 

Chris and Jane invested in their new fishery about 5 years ago, the resident fish were ancient and dropping in weight, looking rather sorry for themselves. Chris and Jane have plenty of experience in running a fishery as well as a background in livestock farming, so when we suggested supplementary feeding the lakes, it made perfect sense to them.

Chris initially commented on how feeding a low stock carp fishery (which is tricky fishing at the best of times) seemed like a waste of feed, but he persisted and the changes were quick to materialise.

Heres what Chris sent me this morning:

"Hi Ben,
Thought you might like this one. It was 20.12 in March 2016, then 28.02 in Oct 2017 and is now 31.02.
They have certainly packing it on.I now have had 4 carp over 30lbs caught in the last few weeks.
Feed paying dividends.

2016 20lb2018 31lb+