French venue 'Fishermans Retreat' seeing great results with BP Milling

December 05, 2018 0 Comments

"Something we changed last year was the feed pellet we give to the fish as part of our summer and winter feeding schedule so we thought we would share are reasons and results with you all.

Over the last few years we have generally been using the well known fishmeal brands that are readily available and have seen some good weight increases throughout this period. One concern we have always had is the amount of oil contained within fishmeal pellet and the visible oil slicks left on the surface after feeding. This led us to search the market for an alternative and after lots of research and searching we came across BP Milling and their cereal feed alternative. After much consultation with themselves we decided we would trial their cereal feed and run some trials against feeding our standard fishmeal and we have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

We ran some initial trials along side feeding our usual fishmeal pellet and found the fish ate the cereal pellet within 24 hrs of it being Introduced, where as it took up to 72 hrs for them to eat the fishmeal offering. We also tried mixing the 2 pellets together and the cereal was always the one eaten first. When feeding only cereal we also saw the oil slicks we had been experiencing disappear and upon those findings we switched to using BP Milling as our only feed source using the BP Gold in the summer and the Standard Supplement Pellet through the colder months.

So how are the fish doing from it?..... Its almost been 1 year since we made the switch and the fish are doing very well in weight gains but also how they look when gracing the banks. We have seen average weight gains of 5-6lb and maximums of 10lb which is very satisfying in what has been a very tough year weather wise and they are all looking in tip top shape and condition. Obviously 1 year is not a great amount of time in Fishery Management terms and the test's and results will be ongoing but as its stands we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

For the record we are not associated in any way with BP Milling! Just our honest findings being put out there on our findings on doing something slightly different to the normal fishmeal route."