Kingsbury Waterpark growth reports

Team AE Fisheries have been involved with developing the angling at Kingsbury Waterpark over the past few winters, moving fish from some of the boating pools into the lakes which allow fishing so that the fishery management can be focused on a few of the more suited pools rather than spreading themselves too thin accross the park.

As well as utilising the fish available accross the park, there has been some great stock ponds developed for rearing fish for the future.

Our feeds have played a role in both the stock ponds and the fishing lakes, and the growth reports have been just as great as we had expected!

Some of the fish from the stock ponds reached 3lb before being introduced into the lakes around the park and are now being caught as double figure fish.

More recently a fish was reported which was moved from one of the boating lakes at 14lb, this fish was looking rather ropey and a little short and stumpy, but since being introduced into one of the main fishing lakes and introducing a supplementary feeding programme, this fish has filled our beautifully and weighing a healthy 20lb+.

Brilliant work by all involved! 

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