August 02, 2020 0 Comments

When new customers come to us wanting to see more progress in their stock, it's great to hear back from them after they've followed the advice given. Eliburn Reservoir came to us wanting more from their stock as the growth rates were slow, then 12 months later they have their new lake record which has clearly been given a boost! 

Here's what Jason from Eliburn Reservoir had to say:

"'Colin’ the common. (Our biggest fish)
Stocked at 18lb in 2016 into our 2 acre Scottish park water Eliburn Reservoir.
Up to 15th May 2019 Colin had put on 4lb 3oz (22lb 3oz).

We started feeding BP milling from the 14th May 2019 and Colin was caught for first time in 12 months at 25lb 12oz!

4 years no BP Milling = + 4lb 3oz
12 months feeding BP Milling = + 3lb 9oz

It’s not just the weight gain of Colin where we are noticing a difference off the feed, the Tench are growing at such a rate and the quality of all our fish is amazing!

Thank you Ben for your endless advice and support. Our club can’t speak any higher of your feed and fully recommend it to everyone."

Great work!