October 15, 2018 0 Comments

Our most popular pellet size is now back in production after a long wait for the new parts to arrive. 

I have been stressing all summer about getting the 12mm parts to fit the new machine, they had to be specially made abroad, so I though the chances of them fitting my machine might be slim! But the parts finally arrived some 6 months after I initially placed the order! After a day tinkering and fabricating new tools, I eventually produced my first batch of 12mm pellets! 

At first the pellets were coming out extremely hot and hard, and I couldnt get the machine to run up to speed for all the power it was pulling to run the 12mm. After a few hours running in the new parts I soon had the machine running at capacity, and I'm now confident enough to re-launch the 12mm back on the website. You will find the 12mm option available again in the drop down tabs.

The breakdown time of the 12mm pellet now seems to be much much longer, with 10mm of pellet still staying strong after an hour in water.



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