Water quality results

March 20, 2017 0 Comments

Because our feeds are so environmentally friendly, we can feed our fish to appetite without sacrificing water quality, whereas the ammonia pollution caused by over-feeding conventional fishmeal feeds can be the cause of fish disease including dropsy, bacterial gill disease and fin rot.
We have been working with Scientific Analysis Laboratories (SAL) to analyse our feeds for impact on water quality comparing them to conventional fishmeal feeds, and traditional angling baits which often raise concern for their contribution to ammonia pollution (i.e. Oily processed meats).
The aim of the trial was to test the ammonia contribution of different feeds commonly associated with over-feeding. The trial was carried out over 3 weeks, independently verified by SAL, and the results were immediately eye-opening, consistently showing the ammonia contribution of our feeds to be as much as 5 times lower than fishmeal feeds.
We knew that by avoiding the use of fishmeal or high oil levels in our feed formulation, our feeds must have a much lower environmental impact, so its pleasing to have the data to back up our theory.