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Paul Page
There’s something that’s right

Really excited about this product, not got around to using it yet but am fishing next week stay tuned

Mark Seaden

Excellent service, great looking product. Looking forward to putting the pack to good use in near future.

Paul D
Great bait

Had these in the lake for about 15 hours. Silty lake and they were still as buoyant as out of the pot. They still had plenty of scent and I’m glad I purchased them. Perfect size too. Highly recommend these with the gold pellet !

John Sunman

Smell great. Look great. Need to get out when it’s not scorching weather and fish all sunbathing.

Paul Oxenham
Shhh, these are a bit good!

Durable, consistent and very different wafters. Unfortunately Crayfish loved them as much as the carp did, but because of the barrel shape, they were easy to “Superwrap” (shrink wrap) which gave some degree of longevity in the water. Will be buying more, and keeping it quiet, sorry 😆

12mm SmartMix Hookbaits

12mm Dumbell wafters, pop-ups, bottom baits and mini match hookbaits

 We've had these 12mm dumbell pop-up, wafter and bottom hookbaits made to imitate the 12mm SmartMix feed pellets, we've pre-boosted each pot with the potent G-Force to really make them stand out over the softer food signals of the feed pellets but with a neutral colour that will doesn't alert those wary ones!

 Our mini hook-baits have racked up countless successful short sessions for the delicate opportunistic angler. Perfect size for a pellet band and now durable enough to delicately put on the hair, fantastic for stalking quietly or match fishing over pellet.

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