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Steve Allan

love these pellets, they break down really well, they seem to break apart with bits rising and falling through the water column and then beak down further clouding the water up rather than just go mushy like some other pellets.

Mark Laing
Smart mix

Hi Ben just back from a 4 day session was slow going 1St day alge bloom was making it hard work but put some smartmix covered in natrapel in with my boillies and had a take and landed a nice fully scaled did the same the next night and finished the session with a nice ghostie we was only side of the lake catching will definitely be using again

Stew B
Keeping it basic

In todays world of bait it is very easy to be overwhelmed. Buying the smart mix with the Natrepel gives you something simple to prepare and use that your water probably has never seen before. Since using this combination I have caught some lovely fish to over 50lbs.
The next day delivery offered is superb too!

robert price
Smart mix

Hi I have had a chance to get out for a session yet. But the smart mix look and smells great

Darren White

Hi there. Yeah really pleased with the product. I was using them in solid bags and as loose feed in the margins. Also used in conjunction with some Baitworks boilies. Will order again.


4.5kg pellets + 100ml Natrepel 

AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT APPLIED AT CHECKOUT WHEN YOU BUY 4, YOU'LL ONLY PAY FOR 3! (You'll also get 500ml of Natrepel instead of 4 x 100ml bottles)

Expect a hit of creamy garlic yeast that’s completely unique to SmartMix. Light in colour and loosely bound ready to hit the water and share their attributes with your swim. Coat with the Natrepel oil and allow the pellets to absorb, the longer you leave to soak, the slower the leakage.

Smartmix is a blend of advanced supplements from some of the most reputable aquafeed companies that we’ve met on our journey through fish feed manufacturing. Packed with essential aquafeed vitamins and minerals to benefit fish health, and soluble aquafeed yeasts which reinforce the natural defences of the fish.

A sustainable feed bait formulated from fishmeal alternatives. Our most advanced and potent formula that promotes good fish health and immunity, whilst stimulating positive feeding behaviour.

No Artificial Flavours, Preservatives or mould inhibiting chemicals. Simply cooked and dried, keep dry to maintain freshness. 

Soluble Aquafeed Yeasts

This advanced yeast extract is processed in a way that separates and concentrates the most useful fractions for our mono gastric, cold blooded fish species.
A rich protein source made up of bioavailable essential amino acids, in particular glutamic acid which is extremely palatable to cyprinid species. It’s rich nutrient profile boasts immune boosting powers, digestion benefits and feed stimulation.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

PACKED full of essential aquafeed vitamins and minerals for healthy biological function and development.
Non-essential vitamins can be processed by the fish themselves, however, essential vitamins must be provided by their diet. The potent Vitamin and Mineral package in SmartMix promotes healthy metabolism and energy utilisation.


A natural ‘super-food’ that boasts soo many health benefits. There’s no doubting the fact that garlic naturally stimulates appetite, but it’s also thought to improve feed conversion and protein efficiency. Studies have even shown that the chemical naturally found in garlic called ‘Allicin’ can actively kill fungi, bacteria, viruses and even parasites!
Allicin is heat-sensitive, which is why we made our ‘Natrepel’ a feed coating product to be applied to the finished cooled pellets, rather than a feed ingredient. That way the useful properties of the garlic are protected and no damage is done during the cooking stages of pellet formation. SmartMix pellets are treated to a dressing of our 'Natrepel' parasite repelling oil that stimulates feeding whilst naturally repelling skin parasites that cause skin irritation.

Mineral Salts

Salt has a great reputation in angling baits, and has some fish health benefits too! We just use enough to intensify the flavour combination of SmartMix, we noticed that a small amount makes a big difference in the final product! The salt reacts with the steam conditioning process to blend right through the mix, the coarse salt begins to dissolve once submerged in the water to really wake up the fishes chemoreceptors and stimulate feeding activity.

Salt also helps with healing external wounds on fish by promoting mucus generation, it’s also thought to reduce osmotic stress and improve gill function too! 

Cereal Blend, Vitamins & Minerals, Yeasts, Natural Garlic Extract, Garlic Powder, Milk Powders, Mineral Salts, Natrepel liquid blend

Vitamins provided by SmartMix

Vitamin A – essential for vision, skin, bone development, immune response, reproduction
Vitamin D3 – bone formation
Vitamin E – antioxidant, disease resistance and improved immune response
Vitamin K – essential for blood clotting, bone formation
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – helps optimise energy use
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – promotes growth, food conversion, fertility, necessary for reproduction
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) – essential for energy production and immune system
Vitamin B12 – important in growth and development, blood formation, nervous system
Niacin – essential for energy release from proteins, fats and carbohydrate, essential for growth
Pantothenic acid (calcium pantothenate) – essential for good performance, integrity of skin and mucous membranes
Folic acid – essential for cell formation and function, maintenance of immune system, improved reproduction
Biotin – involved in energy release, bone development and reproduction, essential for growth and metabolism
Vitamin C - antioxidant
Inositol – growth factor for fish
Betaine – methyl donor so can replace choline in methionine (amino acid) production, fat metabolism in the liver
Trace elements 
Iodine – thyroid function and metabolism
Selenium – antioxidant, enhances immune system
Iron – oxygen transport via haemoglobin, immune system
Copper – bone formation, immune system
Zinc  - essential for skin, bone, immune system, metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates
Manganese – brain and nervous system function, mucous production, bone development, immune function


"First day out trying your SmartMix pellet & hookbaits, fantastic day, I will be using it again for sure. I will also be feeding your feeds to my koi too as they can’t get enough either." - Jamie Davies
"Just want to say the Gold and SmartMix when it’s broken down in the water is just full of content and you can see it’s high quality not like these mushy pellets you can get so I have a lot of confidence in all your pellets." - Phil W
"Fished last week for the first time with smartmix hookbaits glugged in natrepel and had a 33lb+ common and a 36lb+ mirror. My koi at home go mad for the smartmix pellets." - Ray Isherwood

"Have been using the smart mix and the Natrapel. Results have been fantastic, had 15 fish up to 19lb now and lost 3 . From what I can see nobody else has caught anywhere near that amount. I've been coating my boilies in the oil and it's devastating, very impressed ! I will definitely be ordering more of both." - Kev M


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