• Natural parasite repelling properties
  • Increases appetite and feed intake
  • Natural feed stimulant

Natrepel is a natural oil-based remedy that repels skin parasites and relieves skin irritation whilst increasing fish appetite and feed intake. Simply dose your feed ration with 20ml/kg and leave to absorb overnight.

Liquid extracts and oils derived from garlic go through a 14-day blending process to create Natrepel. The smooth oil based liquid carries the potent garlic character into dry feeds or angling baits (Natrepel is PVA friendly).

The repellant properties of sulphur containing compounds naturally found in these garlic fractions are diffused through the skin of the fish and into the mucus membranes, intolerable for external parasites.

Reduce stress, maximise fish condition and growth by coating your feed ration in Natrepel.

Comes supplied with swan neck pump which will dispense approximately 30ml with every compression.
Recommended dosage: 20ml per kg of fish feed

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Type: Feed

Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
Matthew Wise
The crème de la crème

10/10 this product it’s changed my angling and now I won’t fish without it always in the mix now!

10/10 for service as well always spot on

Clive Bailey
Natrepel liquid and gold pellets

I've only had a chance to use this once so far, i know it works well as the fish in my club water have been fed on this during the winter and are thriving some good catches coming out and fish are well up on their weights my only gripe with the pellets is that they do break down very quickly not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing but would definitely recommend using with other feed at the same time. Very pleased with the product so far and I'm sure it will catch me well in the future, a very good alternative to fishmeal pellets especially with the natrepel liquid

Ian Patterson
Natrepel purchase

Excellent service, parcel delivered on time.
Would purchase again from BPM.

David S
Natrepel is great

Natrepel Oil is great and goes well with my garlic 🧄 flavoured boilies

George Greenwood
Bp gold with natrapel

Hi ladies and gentlemen.
I would just like to start off by saying what a professional and pleasant experience dealing with Ben pinniger. My delivery was rapid and everything was on my door step within 3 days.
I was a little skeptical at first to try the natrapel I genuinely thought it was just another money maker. Oh how i was wrong I've tried bp gold without natrapel and my carp do turn on to feed within 10 -15 minutes. I then wanted to try and do all I can to look after my carp. Natrapel being they way forward for it's natural ability to help with skin parasites and also skin irritation post spawn. It's strong garlic smell made me a little dubious. But again oh how I was wrong.
For example. I went to feed the carp yesterday and after the rain the lake was merky I couldn't see much but withing 3 minutes. I see 7 of my ghost carp all in the same area then all at once heads down tails up. Instant result my carp seem the happiest they been for a while now.
Can't wait to try the winter cereal supplement.

Again huge thank you to Ben pinniger and a huge thank you from Thorington Estate