Sparsholt students getting involved at BP Milling

March 09, 2016 0 Comments

Ben has been to back to where he studied at Sparsholt College to introduce BP Milling to the students before feed trials commence!

Fishery management students at the leading fishery management college, Sparsholt, have been running feed trials with our new cereal blend “BP GOLD” to assess its performance as a grower diet.

The trial will run for 6 weeks in the indoor NATC (National Aquatics Training Centre) facility on Carp between 5 and 15grams. From this we will receive FCR’s (Feed Conversion Rates), the effectiveness of protein utilisation and the cost efficiency the ration.

Whilst our focus will remain on a cost effective food source for conditioning and growing stock in a fishery environment, it will be interesting to see how the ration performs in a controlled environment.

We look forward to working with Sparsholt in the future analysis and development of our formulations, watch this space!