November 30, 2017 0 Comments

Just returned from a trip to france with AE Fisheries where we visited a number of clients old and new to carry out stock management services.

The week started near Metz at 'Chalet Lake', when we were arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find the lake drained down to 4-5 ft, which made our job of removing silvers much easier. 

Although we had to work hard in the silt to get the net to fish effectively, we managed to crowd up 245 carp between 10lb and 55lb! So sorting that lot was a lengthy process before we could begin removing the thousands of silvers. The carp were held in a pen whilst we had another sweep, which resulted in a further haul of over 140 carp and more rudd removed! 

The next few days were spent on consultancy visits to new fisheries before dropping down to Lemoges to new clients at Forest View Fishery.

We had heard that a 80lb carp was landed in the summer, which made this job a little exciting! Again, it was refreshing to find the fishery half drained so we were confident we could do a good job. After hours of pulling we landed a net full of huge carp, stacks of 40lb carp, just as many 50lb fish and a good number of 60lb fish too! If that wasn't enough, we then uncovered a colossal fish, which could only be the 80, the scales confirmed at over 86lb! An immense stamp of fish all in fantastic condition for the deserving new owners! 

The homeward leg saw us drop into a couple more drained fisheries to remove silvers and unwanted fish to swing the growth in the favour of the carp.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for the video footage of the trip. Or watch the trailer here...