June 08, 2021 0 Comments

In Bens latest video he explains why he manually removes emerging weedbeds in the ponds where he has 2nd summer carp growing.
You can see the video on youtube here: 
By removing this weed and disturbing the substrate, the water becomes temporarily turbid, reducing the penetration of sunlight into the deeper water. Therefore, making it difficult for rooted weed types to establish. This available nitrate is then likely to trigger an algal bloom in the upper layers which will feed planktonic species and the birth of a thriving food chain.
Algae blooms are considered a scary word, however, with good marginal vegetation and maximum sunlight exposure you can keep a consistent algal presence and uptake of nitrogen without aggressive respiratory peaks and falls in oxygen. These algal blooms present a valuable source of nutrition for a healthy productive food chain that only needs supplementing with a cost-effective food source 😜