March 28, 2021 0 Comments

We were absolutely blown away by the response to the new Natrepel liquid, within 5 days of launch our stock of 5 litre cans were all completely sold out!

We're pleased to finally have what we need to bottle up the next batch which will start this week just as night fishing is allowed to resume! 

Simply dose your feed ration with 20ml/kg and allow to absorb overnight, and see how they respond! The garlic aroma really helps to stimulate fish into feeding, boosting appetite to help fish shake off that winter slumber, coupled with the parasite repelling properties, there's no wonder it's drawn so much interest this Spring!

Some great feedback already from Matt Mole...

"I thought I'd try adding some of BP Milling's Natrepel today. Wow! Fed a little spot at 10.30am and when I checked at 3pm there was fizzing, rolling carp, great plumes of particles and silt coming up from the bottom." - Matt Mole

Get yours here.


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