BP GOLD- High Protein Grower Pellet


BP GOLD is our premium grower formulation, built on the success of our flagship "Cereal Supplement" pellet. The same 5 cereal blend as the "Cereal Supplement" pellet but with the addition of high quality vegetable proteins, balancing the amino acid profile to suit the nutritional requirements of growing Carp.

We have increased the inclusion of our palatants and oil to create a premium high energy blend which fish will go nuts for! 

With protein sitting at 36% and 6% oil, BP Gold is a highly palatable, high energy feed made from sustainable home-grown ingredients. Perfectly suited to feeding to all Cyprinid species where growth is the main objective.

Outstanding results in our ponds and record breaking weight gains recorded amongst clients, “BP Gold” is sure to become the grower feed of choice by fish farmers and fishery managers up and down the country.

"When Ben came to us with the new BP gold with the higher protein content we decided to trial it in some of the stock ponds on the fish farm and after our first summer of using the new pellet we have seen some incredible growth rates and will now be using it in all the stock ponds in the main period of the growing season." -Andy Machin, Cotswold Lake Supplies Ltd.

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